Upgrade your offering

Focus on scale

Our tools support clients who opt to keep their existing investment process in place but aim to improve the performance of their pre- and post-sales.

At everyoneINVESTED we built several investment applications that increase the recruitment, retention, and rejuvenation of investors.

These applications can be implemented as an add-on into existing customer journeys, separately but can also be used in combination to form unique tailor-made solutions for institutions who want to upgrade their current business model to boost sales conversion and retention

The Profiler

Capture and retain the client. Turn a legal must-do into a commercial weapon by taking your client’s emotions into account.

The Page

Show your customers the value of your services, by letting them experience, experiment and explore their comfort zone.

The Score

A robust health indicator of your MiFID advice and portfolios.

The Balance

Easily combine your own products and solutions into adaptive portfolios that match your client’s emotions.

The Matcher

Align an existing portfolio of third party positions to your investment strategy, at minimum cost to you and the customer.

The Decoder

Improve your investment decisions. Unlock the black box. Get insight into how a manager really puts the investment policy into practice.

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