To get more clients to accept your offer today and more investors to stick with their portfolios tomorrow, present them with a portfolio that truly reflects their comfort zone.

Create portfolios that truly match your clients' emotions
Get more clients to
accept your offer TODAY
Get more clients stick with their portfolio TOMORROW

Easy. Quick. Smart.

Traditionally it is tough to keep clients within their comfort zone when markets go down. Clients often sell off their portfolios when the going gets tough. Using the client’s revealed preferences enables better portfolio construction.

Investment products have emotions too. Building blocks typically differ in the way they adapt to changing market conditions.

The Balance looks beyond traditional asset allocation.
It adapts the portfolio to match the emotionality of the investor. It proposes the most suited allocation of your building blocks to keep your client within his comfort zone.

The Balance enables you to create an all-weather portfolio, that stands the test of time. And of course of volatile markets.

The Balance