Unlocking the black box of past performance enables better informed investment decisions going forward.

Unlock the black box of performance
Improve your investment decisions
Get a valuable insight into how a fund manager really puts the investment policy into practice

Easy. Quick. Smart.

The positioning of all the funds you offer and performance communication towards your clients becomes effortless when you have considerable insight into past allocation decisions and their impact on performance.

The Decoder unravels the historical portfolio values of any fund into an accessible set of performance attributions. Before investing based on past performance, The Decoder reveals how a portfolio manager built his track record. How he translated the general investment policy of a prospectus into practice? What allocation decisions he took? The Decoder lets you wonder whether you feel comfortable with his actions?

The Decoder gives a detailed analysis at various levels of granularity:

  • evolution of the allocation across asset classes;
  • evolution in the composition within these asset classes;
  • classification of the portfolio’s implied investment policy.
The Decoder

Get real insight into the performance of any fund to better compare and position your funds.