Active management is required to grow passive investors.

Portfolio optimization at its core
Portfolio alignment at minimal cost
Enable a profileration of your investment strategy regardless the building blocks.

Easy. Quick. Smart.

Think about a client who wants to align an existing portfolio of third party funds to your investment strategy. The client likes your tasty menu but prefers to keep his current list of ingredients and spices. What will be your recipe?

Simply mimicking asset class compositions clearly will not do, because of probably different geographical or sectoral bets.

The Matcher digs into the exposures of both portfolios, the client’s and yours, and matches them. Future performance is aligned by weighing your client’s building blocks accordingly.

The Matcher allows to include tailored boundary conditions, such as minimal transaction costs or specific concentration limits. The Matcher enables a customized proliferation of your investment strategy.

The Matcher

Match any portfolio with your investment strategy regardless of the underlying building blocks.