Investing is an emotional process.
Profiling needs, hence to capture that emotionality.

Knowing your client paves the way for a long term relationship
Improve conversion of your digital on-boarding processes
Rejuvenate your investor base

Easy. Quick. Smart.

The Profiler goes beyond a standard risk profiling questionnaire. It not only looks at the classic risk-reward trade-off, but it also measures a customer’s loss aversion, as suggested by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

We developed a powerful and highly interactive behavioral engine in close collaboration with external academics. The hyper-personalized risk profile reveals the rational and emotional preferences of the customer.

Prototype testing led to significantly higher conversion, a more appealing journey, and high appraisal ratings of the personalized profile description.

The Profiler proofs to be Future-proof from a regulatory and business point of view:

  • Real preferences enable you to formulate a highly personalized and hence more suitable offer;
  • The gamified interaction strongly appeals to the younger target audience;
  • A legal must-do becomes a commercial opportunity.
The Profiler

Turn a legal must-do into
a commercial weapon.