A robust health indicator for your MiFID advice and portfolios.

Boost your customer loyalty
Encourage trading activity for portfolio improvement
Focus on resources on portfolios that most need it

Easy. Quick. Smart.

The Score assesses any instrument the end investor may hold and measures your customer’s portfolio alignment against model portfolios.

The result is one single metric that tells you how well the investor is aligned with his risk-return and his loss aversion preferences, i.e.:

  • Traditional diversification over asset classes;
  • Adaptive diversification over investment techniques.

The highest Score of 10 indicates perfect alignment with your strategy.

The Score yields valuable information:

  • Encouraging trading activity intending to improve your customers’ portfolios;
  • Informing the end investor on where and how the model portfolio differs;
  • Enabling a better communication strategy.

Besides the individual application towards the end customer, the Score is also a powerful management tool when applied to groups of portfolios. 

Knowing the distribution of scores enables:

  • efficient monitoring of the implementation of your MiFID advice
  • defining and evaluating a targeted commercial strategy, prioritizing interventions, incentivizing financial advisors 
  • enriching management reports.
The Score

A robust health indicator for your MiFID advice and portfolios.