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As the former innovation team of KBC Asset Management, we spent years helping KBC establish its dominant position in savings and investments. Now, as the wealth tech spin-off of KBC Group, we’re taking our expertise to new heights, working towards a world where everyone invests with confidence.

Our strength lies in our diverse skills and unparalleled understanding of behavioral finance. We’re not just automating the investment process: we are digitizing it in a way that truly benefits investors by designing customer journeys that strike the optimal balance of user engagement, business impact, and regulatory compliance.

Our software solutions are designed specifically for business clients, helping them drive sales, retain customers, and rejuvenate their financial offerings through a personalized, investor-centric experience powered by behavioral insights.

Our relentless focus on improving digital investment flows


Simply digitizing your sales process doesn’t work. Investing is an emotional process, which explains why digital conversion rates are way below those of a branch. Behavioral smarts close the gap.


Acknowledge the fear of losing money and increase customer loyalty. Behavioral smarts counteract the investor’s least productive actions. That’s when the magic happens.


Digitization is not a goal in itself, but a means to reach younger customers. Their savings can be turned into investments too. Behavioral smarts map the financial and emotional comfort zone.

Behavioral Finance

Our tools use insights of behavioral finance to maximize customer experience in a digital setting.

Fully Digital

Our solutions are helping to match and exceed conversion rates of physical and hybrid investment journeys.


Use our components in a modular way to fully tailor your investment journeys to your needs.


Maximally align your solutions and services on customer expectations is key to boost conversion and retention.

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