Everyone invested all the time

Main obstacle when investing is fear of loss.

When digitizing your investment processes, turn the emotions of the investor into a strength and start growing investors that stick to their portfolios. All the time.


Simply digitizing your sales process doesn’t work. Investing is an emotional process, which explains why digital conversion rates are way below those of a branch. Behavioral smarts close the gap.


Digitization is not a goal in itself, but a means to reach younger customers. Their savings can be turned into investments too. Behavioral smarts map the financial and emotional comfort zone.


Acknowledge the fear of losing money and increase customer loyalty.

Behavioral smarts counteract the investor’s least productive actions.
That’s when the magic happens.

Use Case

Turn mass retail clients into newborn investors

By using behavioral nudges, we were able to make investing part of everyday life. But even more importantly, 11% of these first-time investors spontaneously bought into other investment solutions in less than six months. Rejuvenate and expand your reach.

Consumption: investment's main competitor

The first euro to invest is always the toughest

Tapping mass retail offers enormous potential for the wealth management industry. We all realize that digitization enables us to reach out to a broader audience. But a mere copy/paste of the classic approach onto the screen of a smartphone won't work. The key is to embed investing in the daily lives of people. Our use case describes a way to be successful.







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Behavioral Insights

We contribute to prominent academic research. We pioneer in applied behavioral finance, creating new standards for the financial industry and beyond. We share knowledge, inspire, and digest interesting reads. Get inspired.

Our solutions

Ready for an investment
world in transition

We don't want to simply digitize traditional investment processes. Great user experience in a financial context translates into great emotional comfort. We specialized in applying behavioral finance to create this. Depending on your needs, we articulate our offer.


We share pertinent knowledge, inspire, and digest exciting reads. Our academic, pioneering expertise is at your disposal to help you expand your reach.


Analyze, detect, and focus on areas on real improvement. Discover how exactly to expand your reach.


Upgrade your offering — tailor-made solutions for institutions who want to upgrade their current business model to boost sales conversion and retention.

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    Our main inspiration

    Andrew Lo

    Thought leader in behavioral finance and AI, MIT
    Investing is an emotional process. Managing these emotions is the greatest open challenge in financial technology.

    Daniel Kahneman

    Founding father of behavioral economics
    People are poor forecasters of their future emotions and future tastes: they need help in this task.

    Richard Thaler

    Founding father of behavioral economics
    If you want people to do something, make it easy!

    Jurgen Vandenbroucke

    The greatest open challenge? We nailed it!