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You will explore the challenges faced by the investment industry. Get inspiration on how to use behavioral tech to help digitally convert die-hard savers into investors, retain investors and rejuvenate your client base.

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Our speakers are all experts in their respective fields. We also invite external speakers to inspire you with an outside view on the challenges the wealth management industry faces.

S02E01 – September 29 at 16:00 CET

Smash the digital hurdle of risk profiling

Turn Risk Profiling into a Competitive Advantage and Commercial Opportunity in a digital context using behavioral tech

Smash the digital hurdle of risk profiling. From boring legal must-do to prime commercial weapon. A behavioral journey.

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S02E02 – October 20 at 16:00 CET

Convert die-hard savers into investors

Robo Advisor for Savers

Cash keeps piling up. Turn die-hard savers into investors. Digitally. A behavioral approach.

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S02E03 – November 12 at 16:00 CET

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S02E04 – December 15 at 16:00 CET

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S02E05 – January 19 at 16:00 CET

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