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You will explore the challenges faced by the investment industry. Get inspiration on how to use behavioral tech to help digitally convert die-hard savers into investors, retain investors and rejuvenate your client base.

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Our speakers are all experts in their respective fields. We also invite external speakers to inspire you with an outside view on the challenges the wealth management industry faces.

S02E06 – February 15 at 16:00 CET

The Misguided Beliefs
of the Advisor

Prof. Alessandro Previtero on the misguided beliefs of the advisors

Prof. Alessandro Previtero (Indiana University) will tackle the misguided beliefs of the advisors and how to tailor up one-fits-all retail financial advice to become bespoke (digital) advice.


S02E07 – March 16 at 16:00 CET

Financial Inclusion through Augmented Investment Decisions

Prof. Milo Bianchi

Prof. Milo Bianchi (Toulouse School of Management) will share his views on how to increase financial inclusion by enhancing investment decisions.


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S02E08 – April, 2022