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You will explore the challenges faced by the investment industry. Get inspiration on how to use behavioral tech to help digitally convert die-hard savers into investors, retain investors and rejuvenate your client base.

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Our speakers are all experts in their respective fields. We also invite external speakers to inspire you with an outside view on the challenges the wealth management industry faces.

Keynote – May 19 at 14:15 GMT

Using digital distribution channels to generate investment sales

Digital distribution channels generate investment sales

Laurent continues his mission to get everyone invested. This time, at the Self-Service & Digital Banking Summit in London, he will focus on practical use cases and inspire you on how to lower the cost of investor acquisition, and turn costly deposits into fee business.


WEBINAR S0208 – May 31 at 14:00 CET

Increase MiFID conversion

Gosia Fortuna ESG

The challenge of ESG in MiFID is not to discourage clients from getting through this new questioning and technical jargon. Indeed, there is no point in scaring clients and prospects with overly complicated processes. Gosia will inspire you on how a clever approach can help realize high conversion rates. Indeed, people need to understand or relate to the products offered. After all, the last thing we want is to disappoint clients after buying their investment products.


WEBINAR S02E09 – June 22 at 16:00 CET

Artificial Humanity: Smart tooling to get everyone invested all the time

Artificial Humanity to keep the human touch

In recent years the accessibility of investment services and the business impact of digital distribution channels have drastically improved.
The rapid growth of financial technology is one reason. Equally important is the content-driven innovation of behavioral finance, which helps understand and anticipate human behavior.
Government agencies and regulators show a growing interest in this field because technology supporting conscious decision-making aligns the ambition of financial inclusion with investor protection.
Jurgen Vandenbroucke will inspire you during this session on how to keep the human touch in digital investment processes.