How to Boost Commercial Performance Thanks to Compliance?

The challenge is not only to deliver compliant profiles, but to deliver profiles which are more accurate and more trusted by the investors themselves resulting in more commercial opportunities.


Client Satisfaction


Less Drop-Outs in Digital Journey


More Immediate Business

Regulators all point in the same direction

Behavioral finance to the rescue
Sound Methodology

“The financial sector often uses non-scientifically validated methods to find out the risk appetite of consumers.”

Alexandra van GeenSenior Behavioral Economist, AFM (NL)
Robust Process

“Tools, models and decisions made by AI need human judgement – to provide explainability and ensure fairness, to design user interfaces and to overcome barriers to their use.”

Laura SmartBehavioral Economics & Design Unit Financial Conduct Authority (UK)
Use Behavioral Finance Findings

“These tools must be able to combine the suggestions from classic economic literature with the indications of behavioral finance and of psychometrics, the science of measuring psychological magnitude.”

Nadia LincianoHead of Economic Studies Office, Consob (IT)

How does it work?


The Profiler goes beyond a standard risk profiling questionnaire. It not only looks at the classic risk-reward trade-off, but it also measures a customer’s ability to bear losses, as suggested by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

The hyper-personalized risk profile captures customers’ real concerns when investing and reveals their rational and emotional preferences. The gamified interaction strongly appeals to the younger target audience.

More insightful profiling leads to customer trust and real preferences enables superior advice, then ensuring ongoing customer engagement, because knowing your client paves the way for a long-term relationship.

Future-proof Risk Profiling uses Behavioral Finance and Gamification
1. Financial Situation

Hyper-personalized, interactive assessment of financial ability to bear losses.

2. Risk/Reward Preferences

Traditional long-term risk appetite enriched with behavioral short-term balance of gains and losses.

3. ESG

Plug-in module of the profiler that captures the sustainability preferences of the client.

4. Knowledge & Experience

This plug-in assesses knowledge & experience and dynamically adapts to profile and your offering.

5. Target

The results of the profiler are used for fine-tuning the target market requirements.

Successfully tested with several regulators

Before the deployment of the solution

Fancy some behavioral finance insights on risk profiling?