How to convert die-hard savers into investors as cash keeps piling up?

The challenge is to digitally engage wealthy banking clients without human encouragement


Digitally convert first-time investors


At a much younger age on average


Investing more afterwards

Cash is piling up


“Household saving rate at a record 24.6% while investment rate at 7.9% all time low.”

EurostatNEWS release – 145/2020

“Banks in Germany tell customers to take deposits elsewhere”

The Wall Street JournalWSJ – March 1, 2021

“Current account balances now even exceed savings account balances”

De StandaardDS – April 8, 2021

How does it work?


The Conversion Engine goes beyond standard profile-based advice for more traditional investors. It turns wealthy savers into investors by acknowledging their clear preference for savings.

The hyper-personalized journey channels their fear and reluctance by bringing the investment story differently with a lot more focus. It enables an explicit advisory flow with an execution-only feel.

At the end of the process, the wealthy savers gave us a risk profile and an amount ready to be invested.

1. Trigger

The process starts with a hyper-personalized data-driven trigger

2. Interaction

The process continues with solutions-based interaction and forms our key expertise

3. Order

The process reverts to existing flows i.e., order execution or opening an investment plan

Business Case

Fertile ground for digital conversion
Cash is available

Yet many banking clients don’t hold any investments. Low penetration rate.

Low interest rates

There REALLY is no alternative.

Mobile is ubiquitous

Everything. Everyone is mobile now!

Digital Fee Business

Obvious case: Investments yield more for banks and their clients
Turn Savings into Investments
  • Many banks aim to grow their fee business by converting (part of) their savings into investments through their digital channels
  • Our solutions have a proven track record in increasing digital engagement when human encouragement is essential although lacking
  • The Conversion Engine particularly targets first-time investors amongst wealthy savers
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