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KBC Ireland ups advisory processes with Profiler

By August 21, 2020September 15th, 2021No Comments

At everyoneINVESTED we take digitization of the investment process beyond simple automation. We build omnichannel journeys powered by behavioral finance findings to boost rejuvenation, conversion, and retention.

The Profiler is our solution to replace and improve the questionnaire for risk profiling. Pushing the questionnaire on the screen of a smartphone is known to kill conversion, apart from its poor ability to anticipate future investor behavior. The Profiler is “fun”, which contributes to its high conversion, and crucially improves the mapping of investor preferences very much in line with regulatory suitability consultations.

KBC Ireland has recently integrated The Profiler into its omnichannel advisory processes at KBC Ireland.  Peter Roebben, CEO KBC Ireland, explains:

“Investing can sometimes seem like a tricky business and take many people out of their comfort zones as markets move and change. Many of us feel uncomfortable making investment decisions.

To support Irish customers in making the most from their investments and matching their choices with their comfort level, KBC Ireland has launched a market-first risk profiler to recommend funds that meet both the client’s financial and emotional appetite for risk.

Using this unique innovation, we enable customers to make better gains, grow their wealth, and have a better investor experience.

The risk profiler means that how a customer invests his money will not only reflect his risk appetite but also how that customer reacts to market changes. This innovative solution truly puts the customer at the center of their investment decisions. At KBC Ireland, we are about simple solutions to help customers manage their investments with ease, in a way that fits seamlessly into their day to day lives. And there is more to come…”

About KBC Ireland

KBC Bank Ireland is a core market within the KBC Group and has been providing banking services in Ireland for over 45 years. As a member of one of Europe’s largest banking groups, KBC Ireland are committed to
delivering a sustainable growth strategy in Ireland based on implementation of a Digital-First customer-centric strategy. KBC Ireland are dedicated to creating a bank where the customer comes first – The Bank of You.

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