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Most banking clients are blind to your investment offer

By January 31, 2022February 7th, 2022No Comments

Cash keeps piling up

Financial institutions are pretty successful at addressing people inclined to invest, the usual suspects. Some new clients have already found their way to investments, but many people stay clear of investing, especially wealthy savers. They don’t own investments and are not interested in buying some. The challenge becomes deceivingly simple: Turn savers into investors digitally.

We all know that there is no real alternative to investments, so why is cash piling up? The typical saver will not ask for an investment proposal or select an investment solution by themselves. What’s more, for many savers, just the mere sound of the word “investing” already triggers allergic reactions: cold fear, suspicion, and inevitably a push on the close button in your typical, fancy customer journey.



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Typical approach: a new product

Unfortunately, one of the typical approaches targeted at savers is launching yet another investment product. These products tend to be defensive or short-dated propositions, at best. And given the current market circumstances and their short horizon, these solutions struggle to provide any upside.

Of course, you can beautify the customer experience or tweak some of the product’s features, but it doesn’t alter the content nor the mindset and taste of the saver.

Furthermore, selling investment products kicks off a compliance journey most of the time. And, honestly, while risk-profiling is necessary and helps mitigate some over-eager investors, it is entirely off-putting for savers.

When confronted with the typical profiling journey and the magnified risks of investing, they immediately quit the journey before even starting. The traditional approach to launching yet another investment product simply doesn’t work because of the typical saver’s mindset.

Traditional savers need to be approached differently.

Learn how to approach savers differently

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