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Insights from our latest joint-webinar with Deloitte

In a joint webinar organized by Deloitte and everyoneINVESTED, industry experts discussed the evolving wealth management landscape, highlighting the role of technology and behavioral finance in empowering retail investors.


The investment management industry is currently at a crucial point where success is defined by flexibility, adaptability, and a deep understanding of customer expectations. Arno de Groote, a partner at Deloitte, notes that this era requires innovation, particularly in improving the customer experience. The focus is not only on delivering high performance but also on providing timely and personalized interactions that cater to the increasing demands of investors.


During the first part of the discussion, the main topic was the challenge of transforming savers into investors. Anshuman Choudhary, a technology partner at Deloitte, emphasized that technology plays a significant role in shaping investor behavior, especially in the face of inflation, non-zero interest rates, and regulatory focus on investment costs. These factors collectively influence the shift from savings to investments.

Jurgen Vandenbroucke, managing director at everyoneINVESTED, discussed how financial institutions can leverage decision science and technology to encourage investment among bank clients who have yet to enter the market. The strategy involves:

  • Broadening access to investment opportunities through digital banking apps.
  • Ensuring the safety of investors.
  • Promoting investment as a habit through innovative solutions such as micro-investing.

Digitization is crucial in expanding the reach and inclusivity of investment opportunities. However, it presents challenges, particularly in maintaining the emotional connection that traditionally comes with human advisors. Vandenbroucke emphasized the critical role of digital engagement techniques in navigating these challenges, using behavioral economics to guide clients through their investment journey.


Practical tools like risk appetite discovery and micro-investing platforms are emerging as game-changers in wealth management beyond regulatory frameworks. Anshuman demonstrated the potential of these tools to redefine the investment experience, making it more accessible and aligned with individual risk profiles.

Vandenbroucke presented compelling use cases of a micro-investing solution that simplifies investing by rounding up transactions, making it more appealing and accessible to younger investors. This approach has shown promising results, significantly increasing investor penetration among new, younger investors and contributing to financial literacy and investment habit formation.


The webinar concluded on a note of optimism and a call to action. Integrating behavioral finance and digital innovation presents a unique opportunity to impact the European economy and individual financial well-being positively. As the industry anticipates further clarity on the EU Retail Investment Strategy, the message is clear: the time to embrace this innovation journey is now.

In a world where technology and finance intersect more than ever, empowering retail investors requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders. By leveraging digital tools and insights from behavioral finance, the investment management industry can pave the way for a more inclusive, informed, and resilient financial future.


For those who missed the live session or wish to enter the discussion, watch the session Empowering Retail Investors, on demand. The replay is available at

Eager to learn more?

Watch the webinar now and get inspired by Arno De Groote, Anshuman Choudhary, partners at Deloitte, and Jurgen Vandenbroucke, managing director at everyoneINVESTED, who will share their insights on empowering retail investors

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