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In an era where digital security is no longer a luxury but a cornerstone of trust in the financial services sector, we’re proud to announce a significant milestone in our ongoing effort to provide the most secure and reliable behavioral investment solutions: achieving the ISO 27001 certification.

What is ISO 27001 and why it matters

ISO 27001 is more than a standard. It’s a global benchmark for information security management, ensuring organizations’ methodologies and framework to protect sensitive data are well-established. As threats in the cyber world grow more sophisticated, our clients’ peace of mind remains our top priority. We have been relentlessly working toward achieving this certification demonstrates our proactive stance in an industry where the security and confidentiality of financial information are paramount.

Our journey to ISO 27001

The path to ISO 27001 certification required rigorous evaluation and continuous improvement of our processes and security measures. This included:

  • Comprehensive risk assessments
    We identified and mitigated risks to our information security.
  • Enhanced data protection
    We implemented robust data encryption, access control, and information handling procedures.
  • Employee training and awareness
    We ensuring our team is well-versed in the latest security protocols and best practices.

“Achieving the ISO 27001 certification is a testament to everyoneINVESTED's ongoing dedication to security and excellence. We thank our clients for their trust and promise to continue to uphold these standards, ensuring a secure and reliable investment experience.”

Jeroen Van LysebettensTechnology Manager
What this means for our clients

For you, our valued users, this certification means:

  • Enhanced trust and reliability
    Your data is certified to be handled and protected by a platform that meets international security standards. According to a report by Deloitte, organizations with robust security practices are better positioned to ensure business continuity in the event of a cyberattack. According to a report by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), effective cybersecurity incident response plans, which are a component of the ISO 27001 framework, are critical in minimizing the impact of security breaches in financial services.
  • Commitment to quality
    A Capgemini report highlighted that high-net-worth individuals show a preference for wealth management firms that demonstrate strong cybersecurity measures. So, we continue to be dedicated not just meeting but exceeding the highest industry standards.
  • Continuous improvement
    We will keep regularly reviewing and updating our security practices to ensure they are as robust as possible.
Looking ahead

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report consistently ranks cyber-attacks as one of the top risks to the global economy, with financial services being one of the most affected sectors. We are committed to continually enhancing our security measures and ensuring that our customers’ data are protected with the utmost care. The ISO 27001 certification is not the end of our security journey but a key milestone.


Stay secure and get everyone invested!

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