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Press Release

Mash Patel and Prof Andreas Hackethal join Strategic Council

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Press Release

Brussels, June 23, 2022

New members

everyoneINVESTED welcomes Mash Patel and Prof. Andreas Hackethal to its Strategic Council. They are joining the mission to get everyone invested all the time by offering smart tooling in support of conscious investment decisions. In recent years, the accessibility of investment services and the business impact of digital distribution channels have drastically improved. The rapid growth in financial technology is one reason. Equally important is the content-driven innovation in methodologies that help understand and anticipate human behavior. This makes digitization more successful in the absence of human encouragement.

Sound methodology

everyoneINVESTED applies behavioral finance findings to compensate for the lack of advisor assistance in a digital setting, lower the cost of investor acquisition and turn costly deposits into fee business. The solutions of everyoneinvested are simple and awarded for their ease of use, yet with a relentless focus on a sound methodological underpinning.

Optimize strategy

everyoneINVESTED smart-copies to other banks KBC’s successes in promoting financial inclusion, improving digital literacy and contributing to investor protection. Wholly owned by KBC Asset Management, everyoneINVESTED executes its mission in all independence, assisted by a Strategic Council. The newly appointed members, Prof. Andreas Hackethal and Mash Patel, add senior expertise to optimize the company’s strategy further.

About Mash Patel

Since 2002 founder and, until early 2022 CEO of Kurtosys, now a +200 FTE global cloud-based provider of digital and reporting solutions to the investment management industry. Currently a board member at Kurtosys, Mash Patel also takes up advisory and board roles in non-competing start-ups/scale-ups in fintech and is currently serving on AccessPay’s board of directors.

About Prof. Andreas Hackethal

Andreas Hackethal is a full professor of finance at Goethe University and director of two research entities on personal finance, with a clear focus on behavioral finance and the role of the financial advisor. Prof. Hackethal is a member of expert boards at BaFin (German supervisor) and the German Federal Ministry of Finance. Very recently, Prof. Hackethal established a fintech linked to Goethe University to improve people’s financial health in retirement preparation.

About everyoneINVESTED

everyoneINVESTED is the wealth tech spin-off of KBC Group and the former innovation team of KBC Asset Management. The team has built up a great deal of knowledge and experience about enriching the investment process with insights from behavioral economics and building successful digital investment processes that meet regulatory requirements. everyoneINVESTED offers expertise, experience, and technology to assist other banks in boosting net sales in investment through digital distribution channels. everyoneinvested has recently been included in the reputable WealthTech100 list of the world’s most innovative companies for a second consecutive year.

Contact: Laurent Lamblin, Concept Manager

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