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Use Case

People are ready. Robo advisors not yet!

By May 28, 2020September 9th, 2021No Comments

COVID-19 gave society, in general, a digital boost. Not only large corporations but also your local shops and even schools quickly adopted new digital ways to reach out. The eagerness of digital adoption also has never been higher. An ideal moment to deploy and expand digital channels.

Yet, investments continue to be the least digitized financial product. Conversion rates of digitized investment processes fall way behind the conversion rates at a branch. Indeed most digitization boils down to the automation of the as-is, often overlooking the single most crucial factor to the performance of the investment process: the human touch. The newly automated investment processes are usually not adapted to attract new investors.

  • How then can we improve digital conversion?
  • How can we include the human touch back in the process?
  • How can we lever the expanded reach of digitization to approach, for example, the many banking clients that do not yet hold any investment?

The everyoneINVESTED API toolkit includes a solution that turns your mobile banking app into a digital conversion engine. The API literally converts savers into first-time investors. Our solution seamlessly integrates into your process. The API takes as input pseudonymized client-specific financial data. As output an investor profile and the amount for the user’s first investment, ready for execution. No lengthy questionnaires but a re-designed and re-purposed end-to-end journey that qualifies as advisory, enabling future targeted communication and marketing. At the same time, it converts and keeps the nimble feel of an execution-only process.

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