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Insights from Peter van Hees, Lead Ecosystems at KBC Bank

In our recent webinar, Peter van Hees, Lead Ecosystems at KBC Bank, shared some invaluable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of interconnected services and how they are shaping the future of customer experiences. The core idea is simple yet profound: move beyond transaction-based applications and embrace an integrated approach that mirrors the vision behind ‘super apps’.

Peter’s narrative unfolds around a practical example at KBC Bank, where they embarked on a journey to integrate third-party services. The aim? To create seamless customer journeys for small transactions like ticket purchases. This integration is not merely about convenience but about crafting a well-rounded experience that makes life easier for the consumer.


Major life challenges encompassing housing, energy, health, and mobility are at the heart of this discussion. Each of these domains presents a myriad of complexities and opportunities for innovation. Peter delves into how understanding and managing data across these realms can significantly improve customer experiences. The message is clear: the power of data, when harnessed correctly, can be transformative.


But data is just one piece of the puzzle. Peter emphasizes the indispensable role of partnerships and data-sharing in this ecosystem. Breaking down silos and fostering genuine partnerships where all parties benefit is crucial. It’s about creating a win-win-win scenario for the bank, the partner, and most importantly, the consumer.


Drawing from the Belgian context, Peter takes us through a detailed journey of making homes energy-efficient. The step-by-step approach illuminates the path from identifying energy guzzlers to implementing smart energy management systems. Although centered around energy efficiency, this journey is a glimpse into the broader ecosystem of interconnected services.

Some of the innovations highlighted are dynamic energy contracts, smart home systems, and community cooperation. These are not just theoretical concepts but practical solutions that are slowly gaining traction in Belgium and across different regions.


Peter’s discussion is a clarion call for a shift in perspective. It urges us to look beyond the immediate transaction and explore the vast possibilities in interconnecting services, managing data intelligently, and fostering meaningful partnerships.

As we step into the future, Peter van Hees’ insights are thought-provoking and action-inducing. They encourage us to think big, act smart, and work together to create unparalleled customer experiences that holistically solve real-world problems.

The landscape of interconnected services is vast and still largely uncharted. However, with the right mindset, innovative solutions, and collaborative efforts, we are well on our way to navigating this ecosystem and unlocking new dimensions of customer satisfaction and sustainability.

Eager to learn more?

Watch the webinar now and get inspired by Peter van Hees, lead Ecosystems at KBC, who will share his passion for new customer experiences enabled by integrated ecosystems.

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