Improving your customers’ investment actions is only possible if you engage both their minds and their hearts.

Visualize market expectations in a highly interactive way.
Encourage investors to take motivated decisions
Lower the threshold of conversion

Easy. Quick. Smart.

The Page clearly shows the impact of markets on your customers’ portfolios. The interactive dashboard allows the investor to explore his comfort zone, experiment with his portfolio composition, and experience the impact of his choices.

The Page shows three critical metrics for each portfolio:

  • Upside potential gives a good understanding of what to expect in the long term.
  • Downside risk gives insight into potential losses in the short term in extreme markets.
  • The time horizon is the time an investor needs to engage in recovering from unfavorable markets.

The Page also includes The Score. The Score shows the degree of alignment of the portfolio with your expert advice. The Score helps investors make better decisions by nudging them towards the most suited model portfolio or helps investors better understand the impact of their choices.

The Page packs a highly interactive, flexible, and easy to use interface with sophisticated algorithms under the hood.

The Page

Show your customers the value of your service by letting them explore, experiment and experience their comfort zone.