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NOV 12 at 16:00 CET:

Personalized investing through digital solutions

  • Why Personalization of investment solutions matters
  • How a goals based framework and data science can enable personalization
  • How a digital ecosystem can help deliver personalized solutions
November 12, 2021
16:00 CET
Online event
Deep Srivatstav
Speaker: Deep Srivastav
Deep Srivastav is a senior vice president and head of digital solutions for Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions.

Mr. Srivastav is responsible for the development and deployment of Franklin Templeton’s investment solutions tough digital channels. His role involves leveraging financial technologies, data science, and investment capabilities related to Goals-Based Wealth Management to bring Franklin Templeton’s personalized investment solutions to market.

Most recently, Mr. Srivastav was the global head of data & analytics for Global Advisory Services within Franklin Templeton.

He has also held various leadership roles at the firm in client analytics, capital market research, data sciences, digital analytics, data engineering, business intelligence, and business strategy. Additionally, he represented Franklin Templeton within Data Board (a community) for 2020 -21.

Mr. Srivastav is the co-author of “A New Approach to Goals-Based Wealth Management,” published in the Journal of Investment Management, and won the Harry M. Markowitz Award in 2018. Another one of his papers, “Dynamic Portfolio Allocation in Goals-Based Wealth Management,” was published in the Journal of Computational Management Science in 2019.